Is Freelancing a Sustainable Business?

Mar 18, 2021

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Let me know if this sounds familiar. Have you ever:

-Spent hours scrolling Upwork

-Trying to get clients on Fiverr 

-Bidding for jobs you don't even want—just to pay the bills

But that's not really why you got into entrepreneurship is it? To struggle to find clients? To fight for jobs and clients you don't even want? 

Freelancing can be an amazing entry into working remotely and owning your own business, but it is not sustainable. All that fighting for jobs you don't want, constantly hustling for your next client, and being a jack of all trades, master of none?  It's bound to burn even the most enthusiastic person out.

So if the plight of freelancing is all too familiar and you're tired of scrolling Upwork with no luck, hit play on today's episode to find out what I did when I began to burn out on freelancing—and how you could be making a whole lot more money—and impact.

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