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How to Delegate Tasks (and get more done as a result)

Most entrepreneurs and artists have one very important thing in common: we like to be in control.

We’re good at what we do and we’re fearful that handing over the reins to anyone else will not only cause us to be fraught with anxiety, but have the potential to bring everything we’ve worked so hard for down in a fiery explosion, with just one tiny little mistake.

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8 Inspiring Books for the DIY Musician’s Shelf

One of the most valuable tools that a DIY artist can have is the desire and ability to constantly learn and improve their skills. Everything from online music courses to educational podcasts exist at our digital fingertips. But you should never overlook the timeless source of constant inspiration and information that is your bookshelf.

Put them in your home, your home studio, or your pro studio — we don’t care — so long as you put these books in front of your face at some point. Here are our eight favorite books to inspire the inner DIY artist in you to get out there and uncompromisingly create!

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